Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Exclusive Frames at Infinite Eye Care

A pair of eyeglasses will be with you for a long time- be sure to pick a one-of-a-kind pair that you love the entire time. Infinite Eye Care can help you find that special pair that you can’t find everywhere else with our exclusive frames. These frames are only available at certain clinics and include some truly unique styles:

Plume Paris
For the fall 2012 line of Plume Paris frames, the designers actually traveled to France and drew inspiration from three different cities; Nice, Lyon, and Paris. Several of their other frames are inspired by retro 1940’s-60’s trends, while others envelope a more modern twist. All the design options available from Plume Paris leave a great variety to choose from when you look for your glasses- you’re bound to find a pair for you.

Did you know that the brand name “bebe” was actually inspired by the line “to be or not to be” from Shakespeare’s Hamlet? The brand is all about attitude, mindset, and being a true original. Bebe has become a very popular brand throughout the years and has established their name among top women’s retailers. They embody modern and unique styles that really give eyeglasses a fun flare. Which of these stylish frames will you choose- that is the question.
These frames, handmade with Italian Zyl, made for the retro lover. The craftsmanship and materials used to create these stylish frames cannot be beaten. If you don’t believe us, take advice from Johnny Depp, Paul McCarthy or James Dean (well, maybe not James Dean)- just a few of the Hollywood stars that choose Dolabany frames.

Ann Taylor
Dolabany isn’t the only brand that has had great success with the celebrities they attract. The Ann Taylor brand has become a favorite style for modern women, including United States First Lady Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Diane Kruger, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and many more. Taylor’s line is known for versatility- easily transition from the office to a night out in these frames.

Jimmy Crystal New York
Established in 1991, Jimmy Crystal New York isn’t exactly a new kid on the block, but the brand has been hanging tough since its inception.The name Jimmy Crystal was actually created because of the unique Swarovski Crystal embedded frames and Sunglasses they create. This brand can really make your personality ‘sparkle’ with its standard of elegance.
As you can see, Infinite Eye Care carries several designer brands that are unique and can really cater to everyone’s needs. These five brands are just the beginning; we offer many more name brands designers. Stop in Infinite Eye Care, and we guarantee you will walk out with a look you love!

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