Monday, June 24, 2013

What’s the buzz about our Reading Bug Program?

Sometimes, getting children to read in the summer can seem impossible, especially in the technology focused time that we live in. There are many benefits to reading outside of the classroom.

Research shows that children who read for pleasure perform better in school. Children who read more than their peers are better spellers and have a more extensive vocabulary. They also get higher scores on the SAT. They get to explore their imagination.

Now that school is out, children have much more free time. Some of that time should be spent reading. Parents are encouraged to make age appropriate books readily available to their kids.

Some ideas of making reading for pleasure more appealing would be putting a basket of books in the car or even reading to their child at infancy. Even after a child can read, it is recommended that parents continue to read to them “out loud.”

Parents should lead by example. If a child sees their parent reading the child is more likely to read. Reading to a child before bedtime will help relax them, leading to a better nights sleep. This summer, take your children to the library or take a “field trip” to a local used bookstore.

Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body. This is the summer to shape up. Check out the Infinite Eye Care Reading Bug program. Kids of all ages can sign up, win prizes, and have fun reading throughout the summer. There is a program for all age groups.