Friday, April 22, 2016

Framed for Spring Trends


Spring has finally sprung, which means Spring fashion is well underway - and that includes glasses and sunglasses for the season. Not only is it important to find a frame that fits your face shape, but the color of the frame can make a world of difference. Spring is the season for calm colors, warm grays, and matte blues. These trends provide a fun color option without an in-your-face statement.
When choosing new frames for you face, use these useful tips for fitting the frame to your face shape:

girl-1242384_1280.jpgSquare Face:
If you have a square face, frames that are oval or round will contrast against the straight lines of your face. The contrast creates a softer look on your face.
Round Face:
Looking for frames when you have a round face? Soft rectangular frames are your best bet; these frames usually have a taper from the top to the bottom.
Oval Face:
Your face is naturally balanced, so when you are looking for glasses, avoid frames that are too big or too small for you face. Off-sized frames can distort the natural balance of your face.

Heart Face:
What’s a heart face shape? It’s when you have a wider forehead and your face narrows to your chin. The best frames for your face are frames that complete the balance of your face and mirror its shape.
Rectangle Face:
Frames with a heavier top divide up your face for more depth. Both round, oval, and rectangle frames can work with your face, so you may need to try a few to find what fits you best.
When looking through the new trends for spring, remember to consider your face shape. Just because you like the color of the frames or you like them in the advertisement, doesn’t mean they will fit your face. You not only want to feel good about wearing your glasses, but you also want to look good, too!
Spring time means grad parties, picnics, reunions, and reconnecting with friends. This is the perfect time to freshen up your look. An updated pair of glasses can take years off your face. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. We have unique and trendy frames for all your needs, and now, we even carry Raybans! Stop in and check them out - we will help you select the best frame for your face. See clearly with a new pair of frames from Infinite Eye Care.