Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Black-rimmed Glasses: A Reoccurring Trend

We can safely say that black-rimmed glasses are a popular trend in today’s society. While more and more people are wearing them now, they have been a recurring fashion statement for many years. We've seen many styles come and go, but black-rimmed glasses provide a style fit for both men and women. There isn't just one good reason why they will always be in style, there are many more!

  • They are bold: Wearing black frames helps bring a focus to your face. Some people may not like all this attention to their face, but the dark color of the glasses emphasizes your best features.
  • They are lightweight: The majority of black rimmed frames are lightweight due to the materials they are made of, such as acetate. These lightweight and comfortable glasses can be worn throughout the whole day without causing irritation or discomfort on the bridge of your nose.
  • They provide a classic look: Black rimmed frames have been a popular trend and a classic fashion statement throughout the decades. The thick frame is a common look that can never be replaced. While the styles have changed into a more modern look throughout the years, these frames provide a stylish, timeless look.

  • They match any complexion: No matter how light or dark your skin tone is, black rimmed glasses look good on everyone. Their ability to define your face is a key feature worth noting.

From students to celebrities, these glasses can be spotted everywhere you go. They can be dressed up or worn down. Black rimmed glasses are here to stay.

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