Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why School Vision Screenings Aren't Enough

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According to the American Optometric Association, as much as 80% of a child's learning occurs through their eyes, which is why a child’s vision is very important. Schools offer vision screenings performed by school nurses, but often they aren’t enough to detect the range of possible vision impairments. They often only test how well a child can see an eye chart from a distance. Even if a child passes that test, they may not be able to see well enough to read or write at their full potential.

Your child’s vision doesn’t only affect what they see. The visual system is complex and involves a patchwork of over 20 visual abilities. It affects how they process and interpret information. It will affect how well they are able to recognize and identify words and pictures, and it is necessary for making and storing mental images. Undetected vision issues will severely impair a child’s ability to learn and develop, and it will stunt their ability to succeed in and beyond the classroom. Any issues in vision can also hinder the ability of a child to succeed on the sports field and affect a child’s ability to pursue hobbies and even socialize.

A visit to a trained professional will help detect any vision impairments and help your child perform to the best of their ability in school. A professional optometrist will be able to test the condition of the eye, the ability of the eyes to fully function, and the ability of the eye to properly perceive. Professionals will also be able to detect visual acuity and refractive issues, inabilities to focus that can result in eyestrain, headaches, double vision, and inabilities to focus.


A school sanctioned vision screening will not be able to accurately measure the health of a child’s entire visual system nor will they have the technology to accurately determine whether or not a child can process information visually. After all, the school nurse is outnumbered by the amount of students and the tasks she or she must perform on any given day. Bringing your child to a professional, like Dr. Tom and his staff at Infinite Eye Care, will mean you child’s eyesight is getting a comprehensive check-up.

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