Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet Dr. Tom

In Dr. Tom’s own words “Infinite Eye Care is an extension of myself. I want to create a relationship with my patients. I want to give them one - on - one personal service. Infinite Eye Care will provide the best care, look out for the best interests of our patients and give back to the communities we serve.”

Dr. Tom completed his undergraduate work at St. Cloud StateUniversity. He earned his medical degree from Pacific University (Forest Grove, Oregon) in 1989. Dr. Tom researched various eye clinics on the west coast and in the Midwest. None of the opportunities felt right to him so he came back to St. Cloud, where he discussed employment with many local eye care facilities,  but finally decided to join the newly opening Walmart Vision and Eye Care Center in south St. Cloud. For the next 16 years Dr. Tom served the Greater St. Cloud publics’ optometry needs from this Eye Care Center location.

Although Dr. Tom enjoyed his years of services in the corporate world, something was missing.  Dr. Tom dreamed of a practice that would allow for more personal service, better diagnostic equipment, a high quality inventory of product and more autonomy.

Dr. Tom began to seriously consider opening his own eye care center in 2008. Seemingly small events can often shape a persons future. It was one of these “small events” that crystalized Dr. Tom’s Future. He and his 14 year old son were driving around Sauk Rapids searching for a potential location if he chose to open his own eye care clinic. His son looked over at Dr. Tom and asked, “Dad, what if you open your business and it fails?” This question became the catalyst for a life changing event. After carefully considering the question, Dr. Tom responded to his son “It is better to try and fail then to never have tried.” Sounds a bit corny maybe but Dr. Tom meant it from the bottom of his heart. Talk about a teaching moment!

Dr. Tom opened Infinite Eye Care in Sauk Rapids on May 1st 2009. Failure was never an option. When the business opened, it immediately employed three local people. Today Dr. Tom employs five people.

He is proud to bring his personal brand of care to the patients who usually become his friends. Dr. Tom’s one – on – one attention combined with the finest equipment and high quality inventory of eyewear have made Infinite Eye Care the “go to” eye care clinic in the Greater St. Cloud marketplace. Dr. Tom takes great “pride of ownership” in his business. He really does believe that Infinite Eye Care is an extension of himself. He is proud of the community involvement that both he and the business engage in. Dr. Tom and his staff visit the local nursing homes monthly. He is an active member of the local Lions Club. In 2012 Dr. Tom was honored to receive the Lion ClubHelen Keller sight award. Dr. Tom is an active supporter of the Anna Marie’s Shelter (for battered woman an their children). Infinite Eye Care is a very active member of the Greater St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Tom visits elementary schools every year, providing free vision check ups to the kids.

Five years ago Dr. Tom’s mother was honored to receive the “Citizen Of The Year” award from Lake Benton, the community she resides in. Dr. Tom remembers her one sentence acceptance speech… “Where else but in America could you receive an award for only doing what you should be doing.”

The next time you’re in downtown Sauk Rapids stop in and say hello to Dr. Tom and his staff. Chances are you will arrive a stranger and leave a friend!