Monday, June 30, 2014

Anti-Fatigue Lenses and What They Can Do For You

With technology today, it’s hard to go a day without staring at some type of screen. From long days at work staring at the computer or even scrolling through your phone, screens are unavoidable. By the end of the day your eyes are exhausted. 

Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses address the symptoms found in Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS), which 60% of the population suffers from. The side effects these endless hours of screen watching have on you include:
  •  Blurry vision
  •  Dry eyes
  •  Eye strain
  •  Fatigue
  •  Difficulty focusing
  •  Headaches
  •  Light sensitivity

If you tend to experience these side effects frequently you should consider Essilor Anti-fatigue glasses. Essilor Anti- Fatigue lenses are proven to decrease visual fatigue by 50%. These lenses are recommended for people who are nearsighted ages 18- 40 who experience the symptoms of fatigued eyes and people who are far sighted ages 35-45 who are having trouble reading but are not yet ready for progressive lenses.

Anti- Fatigue lenses are specialized to give the wearer’s eyes clarity and comfort when focusing up-close for long periods of time. There is an area of specific correction located at the bottom of the lens, which helps facilitate your eyes in focusing. This area is added to your current prescription to allow the best vision and comfort as possible.

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