Friday, July 7, 2017

Amazing Eyes of the Animal Kingdom

Think human eyes are amazing? What if you could see at a 330-degree angle instead of an 185-degree angle? Or what if you had hundreds of microscopic six-sided lenses to see in all directions simultaneously? Animal eyes are amazing and full of wonder. From barnyard animals to extraordinary reptiles, there are many interesting eyes to explore. Here are just a few to spark your fascination with the animal eyes of our world.

1. Goats

Although they might seem ordinary, goats are actually quite unique. Many notice their eyes upon first glance but there is much more than just the interesting look of them. In fact, their eyes can see at a 330 degree angle which is almost twice as much as a human at 185 degrees. The large size of their pupils also give them fantastic night vision.

2. Mantis Shrimp

This unusual and very tiny sea inhabitant is quite miraculous in the world of vision. Not only can their eyes move independently and rotate at a 70-degree angle, but they also have the most complex eyes in the entire world. While humans only have 3 color receptors, this little crustacean has 12. As well as having a colorful outlook on life, the Mantis Shrimp can also detect ultraviolet, infrared, and polarized light using it’s amazing sense of sight!

3. Hippopotamus

These cows of the sea are actually fascinating in the world of eyesight. When underwater, they have clear vision and need not worry about getting a single piece of floating debris in their eyes. They are equipped with a clear layer of membrane that protects their vision while they prowl the underwater world.


Imagine if you had eyes the size of grapefruits! This small primate has eyes that are each approximately the same size as its brain. They have the largest eyes of any mammal relative to its body. Much like owls, they aren’t able to move their eyes at all. To make up for this disadvantage, their heads are able to move 180 degrees in each direction!

5. Butterfly

Seeing the invisible is a cool superhero-like trait that all butterflies have. To find those delicious nectar-filled flowers, butterflies are able to see ultraviolet light which is undetectable by the human eye. Like most insects, butterflies also have compound eyes made up of six-sided lenses making it possible to see in every direction simultaneously.

6. Chameleon

Chameleons have some of the most unique eyes in the entire animal kingdom. Their eyes are so unbelievable that they can move independently, making it possible for the chameleon to have a 360-degree field of vision. Another interesting aspect of the eyes of a chameleon is the eyelids. The eyelids are cone-like and cover every part of the eye except for the pupil.

7. Gharial

Practically a living and breathing fossil and a member of the crocodile family, the Gharial is last on our list of interesting animal eyes. The Gharial has some of the most advanced eyes on the planet. Their head is shaped in the way that they can have almost every inch of their body submerged in water, while their eyes are left out of the water to search for prey. They also have spectacular night vision. Their eyes have a thin, mirror-like structure that helps reflect light not already absorbed by the eye back into it a second time. Not only is this feature cool, it’s also kind of creepy as it gives this crocodile glowing eyes when a light shines on them.

Although these eyes are fascinating and exquisite don’t forget about our own! With two million working parts and the ability to heal itself in 48 hours, the eyes we have are unique and interesting in themselves. So don’t forget to keep your eyes happy and healthy!