Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eyesight 101

With the end of the year comes the end of another school semester, and that means exams and extra studying. High school and college students are cramming and planning out all sorts of activities this month and trying to fit studying somewhere in between. Many don’t realize that all that time spent pouring over notes and staring at a computer screen can do more than a bit of damage to their eyes. Whether you are a student yourself, or have children spending the month cramming their minds, think about some ideas to maintain healthy eyes.

Stressed Out
Stress causes all sorts of problems: weight gain, anxiety, restless sleep, (the list goes on and on), but did you know it also can do harm to your eyes? One of the major complications caused by stress is high blood pressure. When blood pressure goes up, your internal eye pressure can do the same. Over time, high pressure to the optic nerve can lead to Glaucoma. Stress is also a trigger to the sometimes comically portrayed (though still very irritating) eye twitch. Though typically not dangerous, an eye twitch can last anywhere from minutes to days long. Take the time to decompress: exercise, listen to music, take a walk, anything that takes your mind, and eyes, somewhere else for a bit.

The transition between looking at a keyboard, computer screen, and surrounding distractions strains our eyes. Computer images sometimes have a perceivable “flicker” on the screen, and our eyes read them differently than printed words. Eye strains can cause headaches or back and neck pain, as well as damage to your eyes. Be sure to unplug yourself every now and then and rest your eyes. Or, believe it or not, you can get a prescription for glasses specifically for computer use.

Go to Sleep!
The benefits of a full-night’s sleep span many areas of health, including eyesight. Missing a few precious hours adds dark circles under your eyes, but without at least five hours of rest your eyes do not properly replenish themselves. Lack of sleep can stop your eyes from reaching their full potential, so be sure to get plenty of rest at night.

End of terms can be the most stressful on students and parent alike. Infinite Eye Care reminds you to take the good with the bad this time of year. Take heed from these tips and enjoy the rest of your 2014 year!

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