Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When Beauty’s a Beast: Harmful Makeup Habits to Avoid

Many women wear makeup every day. With all the options, colors, textures, and shades, makeup comes in many forms and performs many functions.

Many ladies, however, may not know that makeup can do some serious harm to your eyes.

Here are the top habits to be aware of when using makeup:

1. Check the Expiration Date

Wait, there are expiration dates for makeup? Yes, there are and they are very important to follow. If your makeup doesn’t show a date on them, you can follow these general rules to replace them. You might even be able to look up their expiration dates online. Once your makeup is past that date, stop using it and throw it away.

2. Wash Your Hands Before Applying Makeup

Think about all the things you touch in a day. Now, think about touching them with your face, which is essentially what you’re doing if you don’t wash up before applying makeup. Some germs can even cause an infection when they come in contact with your eyes.

3. Wash Your Makeup Brushes

It’s not just your hands that touch your face when you apply makeup. Your makeup brushes collect dirt and bacteria after some time. Washing your makeup brushes regularly will also prevent infections and keep your skin clear. To keep your skin and eyes healthy, use a makeup cleaner.

4. Don’t Share

Forget what your mother told you. Your friend may have a great eyeliner or mascara and you may be tempted to try, but don’t. It might seem like an easy way to try a new product, but it’s also an easy way to get an eye infection.

5. Don’t Apply Makeup When You’re Driving

We get it; You’re busy, running late to work. First, you will want to focus all of your attention on driving. Second, if your car hits a bump while trying to apply your makeup, you can miss and poke your eye. This will not only cause you some pain but can be detrimental to your eye and possibly even your vision. Soon, you’ll be trading your mascara for an eye patch. A general rule of thumb: don’t put sharp things near your face or eyes while in motion. It’s just not a good idea.

6. Remove Your Makeup Every Night

To keep your eyes healthy, you should properly remove your makeup every night - especially your eye makeup. As Dr. Hilary Beaver from the University of Iowa writes, “If eye makeup is not removed daily there is an increased possibility of an allergic reaction or contact irritation.” So unless you want itchy, red eyes, clean up before bedtime.

7. Tightlining

Tightlining is a technique in which you add eyeliner to the upper waterline of your eye lashes to define and thicken your lashes. It’s popular among makeup bloggers and beauty enthusiasts, but overapplication can cause problems. “The problem, I feel,” says Infinite Eye Care’s Dr. Tom, “is that the pasty substance of the eyeliner may plug the oil glands that secrete in that area. Over application can cause blockage of those oil glands and inadvertently cause styes. I think it looks nice, but I encourage people to not do it in order to avoid complications of the oil glands on the eyelids.”

Use these tips to keep your eyes healthy and your makeup on point. If you do start to feel pain or irritation in your eyes, please contact Infinite Eye Care.

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