Friday, February 6, 2015

Upcoming Eyewear Trends of 2015

Throughout the years, eyewear has been an essential part to forming ones look. Wearing the right glasses allows you to look fashionable and compliment whatever ensemble you may put together. The upcoming trends for 2015 take a whole new twist on modern classics. Here’s a list of five eyewear trends you should anticipate for 2015:

  Graphical or geometric frames. There has been a rise in geometric frames within the past few years and it seems like they will really make their mark in 2015. These can be found in different fascinating forms such as the rounded, square, triangle and oval.

 The aviator frame. These glasses have been around for years and are most commonly seen as sunglasses. This year, expect to see them a little differently. Not only with the frames be thicker, this trend will pair with tinted lenses and reinvent this look.

The classic cat-eye. You remember them, your mom remembers them, and even your grandma will remember them; cat-eye frames will have a huge presence in the next year and as you know they are inspired by the retro look that was common before the 60s. These frames are perfect for any age, as well as any face shape.

The ombré look. We aren't talking about the hairstyle here. If you aren't a fan of the opaque sunglasses with darker shades, then look for ombré sunglasses. They create the perfect combination of dark and light lenses and are very popular with celebrities and fashion icons, such as Kate Middleton. 

Creative glasses. Okay, so some of the creative frames in 2015 may be a little out of your comfort zone, but designers have started to use imaginative patterns and prints to liven up your frames. The look is bold, but 2015 is a new year!

The New Year has just begun and we are already seeing these five eyewear trends making their way from the runway to the streets. Do something bold this year and try one of these trends and mix up your wardrobe! 

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