Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day or Night Infinite Eye Care Can Help!

Last night, Dr. Tom got a call from someone who poked their right eye with a tree branch. They were in extreme pain and figured they would not be able to sleep that night because of it. Dr. Tom was able to go to the office after hours at 9:30 PM, assess the situation and treat the patient so that they could sleep at night without pain and prescribe medications that will heal the injured eye without any troubles. All this in about a half an hour time span. The patient was elated to know they had access to this kind of personalized care and not have to be in pain waiting for morning or travel to the emergency room for the ridiculous waiting and costs that would have ensued there.

Dr. Tom Johnson and Infinite Eye Care can diagnose and treat red (pink) eye, eye injuries, objects in the eye, chemical burns to the eye and many other sources of medical emergencies, day or night.